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The API for the Physical World
Standard Cyborg is the software platform for creating custom-fit products for the human body at scale.
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Designing custom-fit things at scale is hard.
Old tools were built for an old paradigm where you design once and manufacture a million times, not for designing objects one-at-a-time.
With our platform, you can now mass-customize football helmets, shoe inserts or shoes, fracture casts, and so much more.
Enable custom-fit product at scale with design automation.
Use workflows to drive CAD design automation for your business. Our platform is easy to use and to build on top of.
Identify and segment shapes, process and prepare 3D scan data for automation.
Create powerful, yet intuitive workflows, enabling true design automation.
Prepare files for digital manufacturing and tap into a powerful network of integrated vendors.
A powerful tool for your customers to experience custom-fit commerce.
Quickly and easily incorporate scanning and product customization into your mobile or desktop application.
Simplify scan acquisition, processing, and order intake right within your iOS app
Cross-platform, enable users to scan on mobile and finish later on desktop.
Easily invite your design and production team as well as your customers to participate in the design process.
Don’t re-write scan processing, segmentation, and parameterization algorithms yet again.
How it works
Our platform provides tools for full-stack custom-fit design automation, enabling you to focus on what you do best.
Order and Scan Intake
Use our customizable components to easily intake scan data and orders from desktop or mobile.
Scan Cleanup & Segmentation
Get a manifold surface already parameterized and segmented.
Design Automation
Link together our design automation nodes and create your own for truly custom workflows.
Machines are great, but humans do some things much better. Include the customer or your backend design or manufacturing team where it counts.
Digital Manufacturing
Stream the outputted product to your in-house manufacturing ERP or outsourced service bureau partner for fabrication and shipping to the customer.
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