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The complete developer platform for interacting with 3D data

Our Products

  • Scan

    Get data from the real world

  • Sense

    Apply machine vision intelligence

  • Connect

    Store it, route it, collaborate on it

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Our APIs are clean, sensible and allow easy customization for your app.

// iOS Scan SDK
let scanningVC = ScanningViewController()
scanningVC.delegate = self
present(scanningVC, animated: true)

3D sensing, everywhere.

There are already more than 100M depth sensors in pockets around the world. New sensors mean new possibilities. What will you build?

Use Cases

Product Selection

Ecommerce, Retail

Help customers know their size, fit, and configuration before they order.

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Product Customization

Biometric- or Environment-based custom configurations + fully custom products

Auto-configure off-the-shelf components in unique SKUs to match customer or environment measurements or auto-generate custom designs that match the exact curves, angles, and volumes of a 3D scan.

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Digital Measurements

Freight + Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture

Empower a distributed team with low-cost hardware to dimension objects in real-time.

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Volumetric Media (AR/VR)

Digital avatars, Virtual try-on, object scanning for digital asset creation

Scan people for digital avatar creation, rig and anchor objects for virtual try-on (real-time or on a rendered 3D model), and scan assets for trainings and communication through VR or AR headsets.

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