Our mission is to make the world more personal

Standard Cyborg is reshaping the way we experience the products we buy and use. We believe in a world where we as consumers can be more fully known by the companies we buy from, where the products we use cultivate a life that is crafted just for us.

A 3D scanner in every pocket

A year ago, the number of depth cameras being carried in our pockets was… 0. Today, that number is over 60 million. And in less than a few years: billions of depth cameras waiting to be unlocked all over the world.

The new personalization stack

Standard Cyborg combines an Analysis and Design platform with the world’s best scanning SDKs to put individualization at the heart of every product design.


The data capture layer that enables everything downstream. Where we interact with the physical world.


The soul of our system. Where we understand and process the world around us and turn it into insights and products that are personalized for us.


Our cloud-based, secure, and scalable foundation. Where we learn from our data over time to create new tools and products for the future.

Founding Team

Jeff Huber

CEO, Cofounder

Garrett Spiegel

COO, Cofounder

Jenny Na

Operations Manager

Ricky Reusser

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron Thompson

Senior Software Engineer